3PM Web Design specializes in the vast array of website and graphic design needs of musicians, authors, writers, and other artists who seek to promote their art. Current top clients are Vanilla Ice and All-4-One. Past clients include Blessid Union of Souls, Kristen Mari, A Flock of Seaguls, and more.

Unlike nearly all large and corporate web design companies, 3PM Web Design charges a one-time (and very affordable) design price but does not charge any monthly or annual maintenance fees. Updates and maintenance for the website (other than a complete redesign) is covered for the life of the website.

Numerous graphic design and digital services are also available. For musicians, design options include posters, T-shirt designs, QR codes, and more. For authors, 3PM Web Design can design fully-inclusive book covers, advertisements, or nearly any unique request of the author.

Keep checking back! Our new-and-improved website is currently under construction!

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